Privacy Policy is an online entity offering cash support to UK citizens.  This is our Privacy Policy page and we welcome all our customers to it. When an individual applicant decides to apply for loan with us then he is required to fill the online loan application form or questionnaire that is available on the website. This process of applying online for loan with us will be just taking a few minutes of the applicant.  Hence, it is important for you to know that we can share your personal information with the associated money lenders so that you can be served with better loan deals. This information might comprise of confidential information.

At, we are strongly dedicated to the protection of information that our customers share with us. it is because of this reason that we have taken into incorporation some reasonable measures so the you details remain intact with us. When you apply online with us then you share some genuine details the transmission of which takes place through the World Wide Web. If at the time of transmission of information, any information disclosure takes place then we are not responsible for the same even when you are in agreement with this privacy policy page.

We share both personally identifiable as well as non-personally identifiable information of our clients.  Although we strive to keep your details safe with us, we expect you to cooperate with us in our mission to achieve better results. When it comes to choosing passwords, make sure you make careful selection of the same. We suggest that you use alphabets, numbers and special characters when it comes to choosing passwords. Creating intricate password will help you in keeping confidential details safe.  Also, it is your responsibility to ensure that you will not share confidential details with anyone else.

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